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"6 coats a day" Varnishing System

Instruction Guide

Surface preparation - Bare wood

The wood should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased to be free from oil traces and grease which may be present especially with oily woods. Sand with a medium-fine abrasive paper in order to provide a rough pattern that allows a keying for the subsequent varnishing system. All dust and sanding residue should be thoroughly removed from the substrate by brushing and vacuuming. Clean the surface with a cloth soaked with Thinner 203 allowing to dry.

1st Coat        
Poliglass should firstly be thinned with Skipper's Line 203 Thinner by 50-70%, depending on wood absorption to allow the varnish to penetrate the wood effectively.

2nd Coat       
Allowing between 40-50 minutes after the 1st coat apply the 2nd coat of Poliglass, again thinned with 203 thinner by 50% to fill the grain, without rubbing down in-between coats.

3rd Coat         If
the wood is particularly dry and requires another thinned coat for wood absorption, apply a 3rd coat thinned by 50%, if this is not required apply a coat of Poliglass thinned only by between 15-30% with
205 Thinner (flowing thinner), allowing between 40mins -4 hours max between coats. *

4th,5th &

6th Coats        Without rubbing down in-between apply the 4th, 5th & 6th coats thinned with  205 Thinner by 10-15% to gain the desired build up thickness of varnish (further coats can be applied as desired) allowing 40min-4 hours max in-between coats.

7th, 8th &

9th 10th Coats       After allowing the Poliglass varnish to harden off overnight or allowing between 12-24 hours. Flat back using a fine abrasive paper, in order to obtain a perfectly smooth surface to apply between 2-3 coats of your preferred Skipper's Line topcoat varnish, Space clear UV or Acriglass UV (2-pack) or Topkapi UV, Starwind UV, Superwind or Bekol (1-pack) for maximum UV protection (further coats can be applied as desired)

* For interiors, the application of
Polisatin or Polimatt (2-pack) or Topkapi Opaca or Bekol matt (1-pack) giving a non-reflective finish in the interior of your boat.

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6 coats a day Varnish
Poliglass Varnish

Poliglass Varnish

Are you looking at a way to reduce the time it takes to varnish your boat?

 Poliglass is the product, enabling you to apply up to
6 coats a day without sanding back inbetweeen each coat!

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